1. Definitions

• Giftmevouchers.com - is an online business of Bravoweb Nigeria limited
• The Giftmevouchers service – is the gift service operated by Bravoweb (referred to as the “Giftmevouchers Service” or “The Service”)
• Merchant – is the gift retailer, who is a member of the Service (referred to as the “Merchant”)
• Gift Voucher – is any product, service or gift card listed on the Giftmevouchers service, for which a Giftmevoucher voucher can be purchased. All gifts vouchers are listed as standard vouchers.
• Standard Gift Voucher - is a type of gift voucher for which its redemption is limited to a particular merchant
• Supervoucher - is a type of gift voucher for which its redemption is open to any member merchants using the Giftmeservice
• Recipient – is the beneficiary of gifts, vouchers or gift cards bought on the Giftmevouchers Service
• Gift giver – is the person who purchases and send gifts, vouchers, gift cards to a Recipient using Giftmevouchers Service
• Customer – is any user of the Giftmevouchers Service including, but not restricted to, Gift Givers and Recipients

2. Acceptance

By using Giftmevouchers to purchase a Gift, send a Voucher, or register for an Account, or otherwise make use of the Service and its features, the Customer is deemed to have confirmed that they have read and that they fully accept these Terms and Conditions.

3. Bravoweb’s Role

Bravoweb through its online service - giftmevouchers.com sells gift products, gift cards, and gift vouchers including its supervouchers to customers. Bravoweb will at all times act as a service provider and sales agent for Merchants' gift vouchers and gift cards on behalf of Merchants who are members of the Service.

4. Merchants

Merchants must sign up for membership for the Giftmevouchers Service and be accepted by Bravoweb, and each Merchant signs terms and conditions that contractually guarantees the Merchant service performance as described in this document.

5. Withdrawal/Refusal of Service

Bravoweb reserves the right to immediately decline the Service to a Customer at any time at its sole discretion, and Bravoweb reserves the right to settle any outstanding Customer transactions or orders as it sees fit.

6. The Giftmevouchers Service - Introduction

The Giftmevoucher Service allows Customers to do the following:

• Buy gift products listed on the giftmevouchers website and send to a recipient for delivery by courier.
• Buy Merchants' gift vouchers also known as standard vouchers for a service, a treat or a product and send to a recipient for delivery by courier, email or SMS. For services or treats vouchers, the recipient will redeem (use voucher) at merchants' locations. For gift product vouchers, recipient may decide to redeem at merchant's physical location or conveniently online via giftmevouchers.com.
• Buy supervouchers for a gift product, a service, or a treat and send to a recipient redeemable online via giftmevouchers.com or at any participating merchants store or location. With Supervoucher, the recipient can choose to buy anything - gift products and any type of gift vouchers. It is the gift voucher of choice.

7. Buying and delivering gift products, gift vouchers, super vouchers and gift cards

• Buying Gift Products - Customers select gift products listed on Giftmevouchers Service and makes a purchase. Gift products are delivered to the recipient within 5days in Lagos and 9 days outside Lagos.
• Buying Gift Vouchers and supervouchers - Customers select gift vouchers or supervouchers and make a purchase for their chosen gift on the Giftmevouchers website. The customer has the option to choose the type of delivery to send to the recipient, whether by email, SMS, or by courier along with a personalised message. If delivery by email is chosen, the recipient is sent a Voucher containing the details of the gift product or service, including an image, description, price, and the personalised message, and the voucher Code which is a 16 digit unique alpha-numeric code. The recipient can then use this voucher code to redeem on the Giftmevouchers website by entering the voucher code during payment) or presenting the code at participating merchants locations. If delivery by SMS is selected, the voucher code, the personalised message and how to redeem are sent to the recipient. If Delivery by courier is chosen, vouchers will be delivered by courier within 5days.

8. Voucher Validity

Vouchers are valid for twelve(12) months from date of purchase and can be used to purchase goods or services directly from the merchant or conveniently online via the giftmevouchers website. Vouchers are only valid for use within the validity period and are redeemable on the giftmevouchers website or at member merchants' location. The Recipient uses a valid Voucher on the giftmevouchers website to order a gift(s) of their choice or visits the merchant's store to redeem gift.

9. Returns & Exchange

The return of gift items must be made within 7 days and received at our office. Gift vouchers can be exchanged with another gift item or voucher only from the giftmevouchers website. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for another at merchant's location.

10. Refunds

Bravoweb will issue refunds to Customers in respect of gifts returned, gifts not received or unused vouchers bought directly from giftmevouchers.com. Refunds will be processed within days and will be made to the person who purchased the gift or voucher and based on the payment method used. If payment was made using a debit card or a credit card, refund will be processed within 5days to the card. If payment was made by transfer, refund will be processed within 3days to the account.

11. Liability

Although Bravoweb has sought to select quality merchants for treats or services, Bravoweb cannot be responsible for the quality or delivery of the service, treats or any loss or costs which may arise for which the merchant shall be solely responsible. By purchasing a Gift voucher or Supervoucher for a treat, or service, you acknowledge that the treat or service in respect of which the voucher will be redeemed is dependent on certain factors beyond the control of Bravoweb and you agree that neither Bravoweb or any merchant shall be liable for the cancellation, postponement or alteration of any service or treat for reasons beyond its reasonable control. The total liability of Bravoweb for any claim whatsoever in connection with the voucher for any treat or service in respect of which a voucher is redeemed shall be limited to the price paid for the voucher. We have tried to ensure that the descriptions and images used on all marketing materials are accurate. However, images are intended to give a general idea of the treat described and do not form part of any contract between the purchaser and/or the recipient of the voucher and Bravoweb.

12. Fraud Prevention

Bravoweb seeks to maintain the highest standards in seeking to prevent fraud on our service. There are security measures built into the Service, website and technology employed to deter criminal fraud on the Service. Some of the measures employed will affect the operation of the service for all Customers. Customers agree to assist in the prevention of fraud on the Service by undertaking the following non-exhaustive measures in use of the service:
a. Not to disclose usernames or passwords to third parties
b. Not to leave their PC unattended while using the service
c. Not to respond to fraudulent emails/sms from fraudsters purported to be sent by Giftmevouchers or Bravoweb
d. To immediately notify Bravoweb-giftmevouchers of any suspicious or unauthorised use of a Customers password or account
e. To immediately report to Giftmevouchers any suspicious activity or any other breach of security that comes to his/her attention in relation to the Service

13. Data Protection

Your privacy is our highest priority - Your details will only be used to process orders, gather feedback & data regarding our products & services and to send you promotional materials if you signed up for the service. Sub-contractors may also be used to fulfil tasks on our behalf, included but not limited to points referred to in this section.

14. Privacy Policy

At Bravoweb we value the security of your personal data, which is why we will only use your email address to send you our newsletter (if requested). Details of how to opt out appear at the bottom of every newsletter. We will never disclose your personal details to a third party under any circumstances.

16. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants and agents from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, lawyers' fees on an indemnity basis) arising from your use of the Service or your violation of the Terms of Service.

15. Governing Law

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

16. Changes to Terms & Conditions

Bravoweb reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions without notice.