How to Redeem Gift Vouchers

Congratulations if you have received a voucher! To redeem or use the voucher, you have the following options:

  1. If it is a shopping voucher you can simply use the voucher to purchase a merchant’s product by entering the unique 16 digit voucher code at the point of payment or visit the merchant’s store to pick any gift item of choice and present the voucher code.
  2. ┬áIf the voucher is for treat, activity of a service, please visit the merchant’s location to use the voucher. Our sophisticated voucher management system enables merchants to handle voucher redemptions at their outlets.

How to Redeem Supervouchers

To redeem or use your Supervoucher simply visit any of the merchants on our network to redeem your treat, service or product.
For product redemption, you can conveniently visit our website - and purchase a gift product.