Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

To effectively operate our services, Giftmevouchers stores information about our registered Customers. We see this as a great responsibility and have prepared this statement to demonstrate our commitment to keeping all personal information about our registered users absolutely confidential.

Use of Information

Giftmevouchers only holds and uses personal information to provide services to our registered users. These services may include, but are not restricted to; managing the Giftmevoucher service; allowing communication between customers, Merchants and Giftmevouchers; issuing notification of transactions; distributing our newsletter; sending reminders and gift suggestions for other gift occasions.

Personal information collected will never be disclosed to any third party unconnected with the Giftmevouchers services without prior consent being obtained from the registered user concerned.

Data Protection

Your privacy is our highest priority - Your datails will only be used to process orders, gather feedback & data regarding our products & services and to send you promotional materials if you signed up for the service. Sub contractors may also be used to fulfil tasks on our behalf, included but not limited to points referred to in this section.

Payment Security

Gitmevouchers operates a secure environment for all transactions carried out on our website. This means that credit card and debit card details are processed in an encrypted form using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Registration Duration

Information shall be retained by Giftmevouchers for an indefinite period but may be terminated at any time the users request by following our unsubscribe process or by contacting Giftmevouchers by emailing


We use "cookies" to store and collect information regarding your usage of the website. These cookies do not contain any personally identifying information, but they do enable us to put in place personal settings and load your personal preferences. This makes it a better experience for you.

Questions and Answers

We have tried to anticipate any queries you may have in relation to the area of privacy and confidentiality. Common questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions sections. If this statement fails to address any issue you may have in this area, please contact our customer service at for further details.